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Psychological Evaluations for Prospective Parents

For parents wishing to adopt, it is becoming increasingly common to undergo psychological evaluations.  Unlike comprehensive psychological assessments, pre-adoption evaluations are not extensive in nature and mainly comprise of interviews with the parents together and independently. 

The report must be completed by a UK registered psychologist and is normally ten to fifteen pages in length (including the endorsement letter and reports for both parents and any psychometrics required). Oftentimes if other caregivers will be involved in the care of the adopted child, third party evaluations may also be required. The report should focus on the prospective adopters’ motivation for adoption, temperament, stress tolerance, frustration tolerance, emotional stability, decision making and future plans. The psychologist may also endorse the adoption agency’s approval of the prospective parents for adoption. 

I have experience preparing psychological evaluations for prospective parents on this part of the adoption process.  

Interviews can be arranged at my Ealing Pitshanger Clinic.

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