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Wellbeing of Body and Mind

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Struggling with confidence
& low mood ?

Orquidia Therapy offers PsyFlow Movement & Dance psychoeducation groups to boost resilience, improve mood, self acceptance and body confidence.  Research shows that dance interventions can improve creative thinking, problem solving and help us feel socially connected. besides improving our physical health.  Through PsyFlow you get a workout of both body and mind.

Groups are run by registered psychologist and CBT therapist Sandra Zecevic-Gonzalez and are scientifically-informed movement dance interventions to improve both physical and psychological wellbeing based on Dance Psychology.

Groups consist of eight 1.5 hour sessions in Central or West London 

  • 45 minutes – psychoeducation sessions to learn basics of CBT/mindfulness
  • 45 minute – dance/movement based on Movement in Practice and Dancing Mindfulness approaches to improve mood an physical wellbeing